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Boston Perl Mongers History[edit | edit source]

Historical Calendar[edit | edit source]

Historical calendar of meetings is arranged by year.

Start from Calendar2004 or Calendar2018 or Calendar Index .

Current year always at Calendar

(Help filling in meetings calendar from 1998-2004 would be welcome if anyone has old information!.)

Timeline of Notable Events[edit | edit source]

A few notable moments in the history of the Boston Perl Mongers:

1998-01-30 founded by Chris Nandor
1998-02-01 Discussion list created
1998-09-?? Meeting at MIT with Randal Schwartz
1998-10-?? First of many social meetings at Elaine Ashton's house
1999-01-25 First regular tech meeting, held in Uri Guttman's attic
1999-03 Ronald Kimball takes over as leader of
1999-04-27 hosts a party during O'Reilly's Perl Tutorials in Boston
1999-06-07 is founded – we're still not sure why :)
1999-09 Uri Guttman holds a haiku contest on the list;

Phil Johnson, J Proctor, & John Saylor win books

1999-10-20 Discussion list moved to
1999-12-05 paintball outing
2000-02-07 Last regular tech meeting in Uri's attic
2000-02-19 Jeff Burke covers a social meeting at Elaine Ashton's house for
2000-03-06 First regular tech meeting at Focalex, Inc.
2000-04-01 sells shirts & hats and gives out camel-shaped cookies at the Geek Pride Festival
2000-08-26 Elaine Ashton serves cold Guinness at a party; the list erupts in flames
2000-09-01 Job posting policy for the discussion list instituted
2000-11-05 Tech meeting with MySQL's Monty Widenius; NuSphere permanently loans a projector to
2001-01-17 Last regular tech meeting at Focalex, Inc.
2001-02-13 First regular tech meeting at
2001-03-06 Discussion list moved to
2001-07-09 Tech meeting with Damian Conway during his first ever trip to Boston
2002-01-18 has a team in the MIT Mystery Hunt (merges with team Austerity Nymph)
2002-09-03 Discussion list moved to mailman from majordomo; Announcement list created
2004-01-13 Last regular tech meeting at
2004-03 Ronald's 5th Anniversary as Facilitator goes unrecognized since no meeting.

Yeah Ronald!

2004-04-27 First regular tech meeting at Boston University
2004-05-04 Social meeting with Randal Schwartz and Tad McClellan
2004-09-22 Kwiki set up during a tech meeting at Akamai/Novell
2004-09-22 Social meeting with Randal Schwartz in Cambridge
2004-09-28 Social meeting with Randal Schwartz in Framingham (pattern?)
2004-10-02 Our own Dan Sugalski presents Perl 6 to GBC-ACM Seminar Series (for $$)
2005-01 web site moves to hosting provided by Sean P. Quinlan
2005-04-12 Last regular tech meeting at Boston University
2005-08-09 First regular tech meeting at MIT
2005-10-26 Tech Meeting with Damian Conway and his Small Miracles talk
2006-04-28 Social meeting with brian d foy - Jasper White's Summer Shack(R)(tm)(sm)
2006-09-25 The Damian Conway 2006 Double header talks
with Best Friends Cocoa Buffalo Memorial Foil Hat Contest
as intermission entertainment
2007-06-12 Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation began sponsoring tech meetings for a few years
2008-06-24 Bill Ricker takes over as leader of Thanks to Ronald for 9 great years.
2013-06-xx No one notices Bill Ricker's 5th anniversary either.
2013-09-11 moves from kwiki to Wikispaces, shortly before the kwiki's 9th birthday.
2018-08-01 Wikispaces closed, having determined their primary customers -- educators --
were better served by newer platforms than wikis, so the wiki moves again, to a MediaWiki.
(Moving the Wiki is how Bill celebrates 10th anniversary.)