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Next Meeting[edit | edit source]

March 12th, 2019 (2nd Tuesday): 25 years of Perl OO Evolution in one hour MIT E51 First floor, room 151[edit | edit source]

We stumbled on a video talk that provides a fast-forward review of how Perl's OO has evolved over the last 25 years. We'll give that our MST3K treatment.

New room this term! First floor behind the big elevator.

Details[edit | edit source]

Boilerplate details

  • Tech Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at MIT building E51, Sloan School Tang Center [not the other Tang building!] nearer to Kendall Sq than Mass Ave. (directions).
  • Talk begins at 7:30.
  • Refreshments in the hallway prior.
  • RSVP for count encouraged but not required, to or Boston-PM list, by 4pm Tuesday.


Parking Alert is largely cancelled. E51 parking is available to visitors after 5 again.

Detours are still in effect.

See MIT Directions page for details.

Fall 2017: we've moved back to the squarer room 372 (first door after the partition from large elevator on 3rd floor), not the wider room 376 (second door) that we had the last several years.

Future - Fall reservations[edit | edit source]

Location: MIT Building 51, Room 151 **First Floor**, 2 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA

*If you have a demo or talk idea, please, when would you like to present? Doesn't need to fill the full time.*

Confirmed room assignments courtesy of MIT

Room E51-151 **First Floor** reserved 6:30p - 10:00p (setup time!)
Tue 02/12/19
Tue 03/12/19
Tue 04/09/19
Tue 05/14/19

Unconfirmed Room
2019 ?

Past[edit | edit source]

NO MEETING February 12th[edit | edit source]

January 8th, 2019 (2nd Tuesday): 2018 Advent Calendar review - Ricky Morse (back at MIT E51-372)[edit | edit source]

Following up on Mark Fowler's Perl Advent 2017 review in October, Ricky takes on 3 of Advent calendars of 2018.

Ricky picked several highlights from each of Perl (5) Advent Calndar, Perl 6 Advent, and Perl 6 One-Liner Advent, and provided a short precise/index to all 3x25±1 entries, with links. It seems the One-liners may be particularly useful for picking up fine-points of P6 hyper operators «» »« and other idiomatic forms. Ricky's presentation can be viewed either as a single webpage or a slideshow merely by affixing `?present`, how cool is that?

NO MEETING December 11th[edit | edit source]

October 9th (2nd Tuesday): Mark Fowler, "Perl Advent Calendar Redux" ( ROAD TRIP )[edit | edit source]

A resource for beginners and advanced Perl users alike, the Perl Advent calendar features humorous stories featuring Santa's Elves and the fun they have with Perl. This talk will talk about all the exciting things that occurred in last year's calendar. Somewhat akin to twenty four two minute lighting talks, it'll expose you to a wide range of topics.

slides and Glasgow video link

('s Jerrad Pierce was the first Perl Advent interregnum editor after Mark's inaugural stint. We've not been involved in the 2nd interregnum or the Restoration, so it will be very good to hear this!)

This month we are meeting at MaxMind in Waltham, instead of our usual MIT location. Boston.PM is happy to accept this offer of hosting from MaxMind, and would welcome hosting offers from other organizations in Eastern MA. It gives those who live further West or otherwise are unable/unwilling to travel to the city a chance to attend.

Location details:[edit | edit source]

14 Spring St, Waltham, MA 02451 (gmaps)

Free parking across the street.

It's accessible from the Express Bus / Bus network and short walk from Commuter Rail (transit map), or you can carpool with Bill!

September 11th: Ricky Morse - Perl 6 and Typesetting Formal Announcements[edit | edit source]

Commemorative text of a peal rung, with date, bells, wringers, and steeple indicated, and a chapter logo.
Sample output from P6 and Groff

After ringing a bell for 45 minutes to 3 hours, you kind of want people to know you did it, and what you did it for. Ricky uses Perl 6 to replace a manual process for creating “half-sheets” to post in the Old North ringing room, for tourists to see.

Ricky sensibly doesn't want to retype or copy-paste what's already somewhere on-line, so he uses Perl 6 to pull the data from a database as XML, and then typeset the half sheets. This is using Perl6, GROFF, and C6PAN Modules Template::Mustache, XML::XPath, and HTTP::User Agent.

Slide notes ; Program .

Location: MIT Building E-51, Room E51-372, 2 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA

Summer Break[edit | edit source]

Some years we have one meeting over the summer; timing this year was such we had none.

May 8th: Two short videos[edit | edit source]

We'll watch (dissect?) two shorter conference videos, with our usual MST3K commentary and rabbit-hole research. Topics are 3 dialects of Function Signatures in recent Perls and infinite precision computation in Perl 6.

April 10th (2nd Tuesday) -- Federico Lucifredi / Hardware Hacking 101: time and randomness[edit | edit source]

Abstract: Using the lowest amount of custom hardware and pouring Perl over everything as the glue binding it all, we create two minimalistic devices delivering a perfectly tuned network time source (synchronizing with a GPS satellite), and a naturally random entropy source (leveraging a Geiger tube’s measurement of natural background radiation).

Location: MIT Building 51, Room 372, 2 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA

March 13th[edit | edit source]

Winter Storm Watch posted, meeting canceled.

February 13th, 2nd Tuesday -- Ovid builds a MMORPG in Perl[edit | edit source]

[This meeting is a video screening of an Amsterdam Perl Conference 2017 talk.]

Noted Perl personality Ovid (Curtis Poe) has built a Space-exploration on-line role-playing-game called "Tau Station" in Perl. It's even a business. In this talk, he describes the game industry and how Modern Perl makes building his game fun. Tau Station


Original Abstract[edit | edit source]

"With Tau Station, we're building a sci-fi universe in a browser. However, in object oriented design, what does the "single responsibility principle" mean when your combat armor serves as armor, a weapon, and medkit?
"And when many different behaviors have long chains of duplicated requirements (for example, do you have enough money to buy a medkit, or refuel your ship, or repair your blaster, or bribe a guard), how do you handle that in an efficient an easy to read manner?
"And how do you avoid god objects when your character in the universe drives almost everything?
"This talk explores some of the techniques we've developed for Tau Station to easily model complex behaviors."
 We'll have our usual community discussion after (or by hitting pause as needed) in lieu of speaker Q&A.

January 9th, 2018[edit | edit source]

due to MIT IAP, we didn't actually have a room reservation for January, so we had a pizza discussion in the hallway/lounge.

History[edit | edit source]

prior years history are chained (but not block-chained)

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