Job Posting Policy

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Job opportunities may be posted to the general mailing list, however, please follow the procedure below.

The purpose of this policy is two-fold; to keep the list from being overwhelmed with job postings, and to make sure that the job postings have sufficient information and are appropriate to the list.

Job postings may not be posted directly to the list. Instead, job postings should be sent to: bostopmjobs2017 (at) tommetro (dot) com

One of us will review each posting, and either post it to the list or return it to the sender for editing.

Guidelines for job postings:
1. Perl must be a primary aspect of the job.
2. The job must be located in the greater Boston area.
3. The body of the message should be addressed toward applicants (not the moderators - your posting will be forwarded, as-is, if approved), and not consist primarily of a link to a job posting elsewhere. (You can still link elsewhere for an application form or additional info.) It should include as much of the following information as possible:

Required skill-set
Contract or permanent position?
  Pay range, for contract positions
  Incentives, for permanent positions
Placement through a recruiter, or directly with the company?
Location, and whether telecommuting is available
Company's product or service

4. Give your post a descriptive subject, which typically includes all or part of the job title, the seniority level (if not already in the title), the location (town). (When we send an approved job posting to the list, we'll add the prefix "[job]" to the Subject.)

If you have questions regarding this process, send a separate email to the address above. Don't include them with your job posting. Your job posting email, if approved, will be forwarded to the list as-is, unedited.