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Boston Perl Mongers[edit | edit source] is the Boston chapter of the international Perl Mongers collection of Perl user groups, founded in 1998.

The group welcomes anyone to join our mailing list and attend our meetings.

We also sometimes hang out in our IRC Room.

Before posting jobs to the list, please check our Job Posting Policy.

Next Meeting:[edit | edit source]

Mar 10, 2020 - TBD[edit | edit source]

MIT is cancelling large meetings to "increase social distance" (lower transmission). We haven't been cancelled yet but in solidarity and of an "abundance of caution" we too are cancelling.

If this continues we may try for an on-line only virtual meeting in April ... any volunteers to presnt?

See Calendar#Next_Meeting for details

MIT Directions[edit | edit source]

The MIT Parking Alert is cleared -- MIT is allowing E51 parking after 5pm again!

The full schedule and history can be found on our Calendar.

Status of this page[edit | edit source]

Our prior wiki host, Wikispaces, ceased operations. But we've found a new home thanks to local Linux fan Greg Rundlett, who is the creator of QualityBox - a hosted wiki service. We have a full backup but as long as this sentence is here, some links will dead-end abruptly; or content layout might be strange. Let us know!