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You might be thinking, "How can I give a talk? I'm not an expert. I haven't done anything cool." But you're probably wrong. What you've been working on in your day job or on the side may be mundane to you, but will be interesting or informative to someone else. Perl is used for a vast range of purposes, and probably no two attendees to our meetings are using it the same way, so what you are doing will be novel to a good portion of the audience.

Giving a talk can also be a great way to get feedback from other Perl developers. We provide "free" code reviews.

We're interested in more introductory talks. As our community matures, we tend to gravitate towards advanced topics, but we want to have a good percentage of our talks be welcoming to new users of Perl. If you have an idea for a presentation on the basics of Perl, or you've just gone through this learning process yourself and are willing to share your experiences, please get in touch.

What we look for in a talk:

  • A topic that is at least marginally related to Perl.
  • A presentation that is under 15 minutes for a lightening talk, or 30 to 60 minutes for a regular talk (not counting Q&A).
  • You do not need to be local to the Boston area. We accept remote presenters via Hangouts or other telepresence means.

What we provide:

  • A classroom at MIT that seats about 30.
  • An overhead projector that accepts VGA and optional PA for audio.
  • An audience of 6 to 20 people interested in Perl.
  • Refreshments (typically pizza and soda).

Tech Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at MIT (in Boston, MA) building E51
(directions). Talks begins at 7:30, but we gather for refreshments starting at 7 PM. Ideally speakers should arrive at 7 PM to allow time to get set up.

We sometimes stream our talks live (via Hangouts) and post them to our YouTube channel. Please inform us if you do not want to have your talk streamed, or posted. (We can refrain from doing either or both.)

If you'd like to give a talk, please email or post to the Boston-PM list.