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Hosts/Sponsors Hall of Fame[edit | edit source]

Boston.pm has from time to time received support from various people and organizations.
Boston Perl Mongers thanks the following organizations and individuals for their past and present support.
  • Wikispaces.com provides free group wiki (freemium business model)
  • Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation had paid for refreshments at our technical meetings since June, 2007. http://www.cidc.com/
  • JohnGalt Staffing partly sponsored our social meeting in August, 2007, and sponsored a tech meeting later. http://www.j-galt.com/
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology has hosted our technical meetings since August, 2005. http://web.mit.edu/
  • Boston University hosted our technical meetings from April, 2004 to April, 2005. Thanks to Sean Quinlan for being the liaison. http://www.bu.edu/
  • Boston.com hosted our technical meetings and paid for refreshments from February, 2001 to January, 2004. Thanks to Andrew Langmead for being the liaison. http://www.boston.com/
  • Focalex Inc. hosted our technical meetings from March, 2000 to January, 2001. http://www.focalex.com/
  • Uri Guttman hosted our technical meetings from January, 1999 to February, 2000. http://www.stemsystems.com/ (And his wife's Best Friends Cocoa provided prizes in 2006.)
    Uri remains our Social Secretary and resident heckler.
  • NuSphere permanently loaned a brand new projector to Boston.PM in 2000, much appreciated (until MIT installed built in projectors). http://www.nusphere.com/
  • Sean Quinlan provided hosting for the Boston.PM website 2005 through Sept 2013.
  • Dan Peeron provided hosting 2004-2005
  • The Elaine Ashton hosted many social meetings at her house before she moved to Finland in 2002.
  • Greg London has sponsored pizza at several of our tech meetings at BU and MIT. http://www.greglondon.com/
  • Ian Langworth set up the old Kwiki which lasted 9 years